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Progenesis LC-MS

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Support for Mascot

Support for this peptide search method is provided as standard.

About this plug-in

The Mascot search engine from Matrix Science allows identification of peptides, searching against multiple primary sequence databases including MSDB, NCBInr and SwissProt.

To be able to load exported search results, the search should be performed using an MGF file created by Progenesis LC-MS.

To output the search results from Mascot:

  1. Select the Export Search Results option from the dropdown list alongside the Format As button
  2. Click the Format As button
    The Mascot search results page
  3. In the following page, select XML in the Export Format option
    Setting the export format as XML
  4. Make sure that Query title in the Peptide Match Information section is selected
    Making sure the query title is exported
  5. Click the Export Search Results button at the bottom of the page

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