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Software Engineer Graduate Programme with Waters Corporation (Nonlinear Dynamics)

We're looking for a graduate software engineer to join our Newcastle team and work on a 12-month development programme. We aim to help you grow as a software engineer and gain valuable experience as you help us create our best-in-class scientific analysis software.

What can we offer?

A positive development experience
The Newcastle office is home to a small, experienced development team. We care about making good software with a good user experience. We give our developers time and resources to learn new skills and languages. We value team communication and collaboration. We have good experience running summer intern programmes and we're ready to translate that to providing an excellent graduate programme.

Tech stack
The products we're working on are built with .NET Core (C#) with a Typescript web front end. In terms of tools, we use git for version control, along with a mix of Visual Studio & VSCode.

The chance to start your career and improve with ongoing guidance
The programme starts with an "introduction" phase. We will use this period to get an understanding of where the graduate is and cover the basics of the tools and languages being used, as well as an introduction to our domain. Our goal is to have you working as a member of one of our development teams as soon as possible, but we won't rush your introduction.

Throughout the 12-months you'll have the opportunity to set personal development goals and receive guidance and help to achieve them. You will havea mentor. You will get regular feedback from peers via pull-requests as well as traditional, written-feedback. We also provide ongoing domain training for everyone in the team.

As a team, we work on improving how we interact and how we learn together, with things like retrospectives and collaborative coding sessions. You will have access to Pluralsight and we have a healthy training budget.

The chance to change the world
The software we develop is helping scientists all over the world to better understand the biochemical world, developing drugs to fight cancer, plants to revolutionise biofuel production, and so much more. Working at Waters, you'll learn a little about biochemistry too — it's a fascinating domain and a great way of expanding your mind. Job satisfaction doesn't come much better.

Big-company benefits; small-team attitude
Waters is a large company providing good employee benefits, including a company pension scheme and a healthcare package. Despite being part of such a large company, the Newcastle office operates as a small team. We have a flexible approach to work, including core hours of 10 am to 3 pm in a 37 hour week, and maintain a friendly, productive working environment.


In this role, you will:

  • Be part of a development team working across the full development lifecycle.
  • Contribute to the specification, design, development, and testing of our software.
  • Help the team generate appropriate designs to meet functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Implement your designs.
  • Test, and create automated tests for, your designs.


For this role, you will be expected to have:

  • Graduated with a Computer Science related degree.
  • Proven passion for developing software.

For this role, you should be:

  • A team player who is able to work with enthusiasm in a collaborative environment.
  • A good communicator of both technical and non-technical information.
  • Keen and quick to learn new things, both new programming technologies, and the science behind our software.
  • Eligible to work in the UK and willing to relocate (if necessary) to Newcastle upon Tyne.

Our goal

Ultimately, the goal of our graduate programme is to make it possible for us to work with talented graduates. The work we've done with our undergraduate intern programme has been well received so we think we can provide a good development opportunity for a graduate.


12-month contract
Salary: £24,000
Role: you will work on a real, business-critical project
Benefits include: healthcare, pension, employee stock purchase program

How to apply

If you're getting ready to graduate and are interested, please send a CV and covering letter to

This position was posted on 10th April 2019
Closing date for applications: 28th May 2019