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Support for Thermo Finnigan inclusion list

Support for this inclusion list format is provided as standard.

About this plug-in

This format is exported as a text file (.txt) with values separated by tab characters. Retention times are calculated in minutes by finding the mean and standard deviation of each included peptide's most intense peak across all aligned runs. The retention time limits are given as:

Minimum:mean − 3 x standard deviations
Maximum:mean + 3 x standard deviations

An extra option allows you to increase this retention time window by a number of minutes to account for likely changes in chromatography. With this format, any peptides that have the same m/z value and retention time windows less than 0.02 minutes apart, are merged into a single entry in the inclusion list.

Exported fields:

m/zm/z of the monoisotopic peak
Minimum retention timeStart of the retention time window in minutes
Maximum retention timeEnd of the retention time window in minutes

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