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I get the error message

“This file cannot be read with the current regional settings. Please change your settings to ones that use a period as the decimal separator e.g. English (United States).” (show me)

With some .RAW files, the reader libraries will only work if you set your computer's regional setting to use the decimal point "." as the decimal separator. If you use the decimal comma (common in many European contries), then the files will not be read correctly and the import into Progenesis may fail with the above error.

The only known way to fix this problem is to change your computer's regional settings. You may access these settings from the Control Panel window and then select either:

  • Windows Vista, Windows Server: Regional and Language Options
  • Windows 7: Clock, Language, and Region|Region and Language

The easiest method is to then select an English regional setting, e.g. English (United Kingdom), English (Ireland), or English (United States).